Release Day – For the Love of Hades

I am soooo thrilled! Today is release day for the second book in the Loves of Olympus Series! Yes, For the Love of Hades is NOW AVAILABLE…

If you’re a fan of myth based romance, brooding heroes, quirky heroines, and passionate love stories – you need to give Hades book a read.

Here’s a little peak at what’s in store between the pages…

To launch For the Love of Hades into the reading world, Hades will be on a month long trip around cyber-world (reviews, promos, interviews, and guest spots) through…

 Here’s a list of stops. I’ll let you know if more are added!!! Please share, comment, tweet, and all that good stuff!

1/15/13 Guest blog:  Preternatura – http://suzanne-johnson.blogspot.com

1/16/13 Promo: Not Just 9 to 5 – http://notjust9to5.com

1/16/13 Promo: Sapphyria’s Book Reviews  – www.saphsbookblog.blogspot.com

1/17/13 Guest blog – www.jillarcher.com 

1/17/13 Promo – aobibliosphere™  – http://aobibliosphere.blogspot.com/

1/19/13 Promo & Review – The Book Maven: bookmaven623.wordpress.com 

1/22/13 Guest blog & review – For The Love Of Film And Novels – http://www.fortheloveoffilmandnovels.com/ 

1/25/13 Promo – A Writer’s World – http://saratrimble.wordpress.com 

1/25/13 Review – Fangs, Wands & Fairydust – http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/ 

1/26/13 Guest blog – Viviana, Enchantress of Books – http://www.vivianaenchantressofbooks.blogspot.com/ 

1/27/13 Review – Impressions of a Princess  –https://gongjumonica.wordpress.com/ 

1/28/13 Promo – Pure Textuality – http://puretextuality.com 

1/29/13 Promo – A Girl and Her Kindle  – www.agirlandherkindle.com 

1/31/13 Promo – The Full Fang – http://bitten2ice.com/thefullfang/ 

2/1/13 Guest blog – A Bibliophiles Thoughts on Books – http://bibliophilesthoughtsonbooks.blogspot.com/ 

2/1/13 Guest blog & Review – Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess – http://wowfromthescarfprincess.blogspot.com 

2/2/13 Promo – Fall Into Books – http://falln2books.blogspot.com 

2/3/13 Guest blog – Fae Books – www.FaeBooks.co.uk 

2/5/13 Review – http://howlingbooksanddesign.blogspot.com/ 

2/6/13 Review – Not Now…Mommy’s Reading – www.mommysreading.com 

2/7/13 Review – aobibliosphere™ – http://aobibliosphere.blogspot.com/ 

2/7/13 Review – The Library at the End of the Universe- http://libraryendofuniverse.blogspot.com/ 

2/8/13 Promo & Review – Books Books and More Books  – http://booksbooksmorebooks.blogspot.com/ 

2/8/13 Promo – www.christina-mcknight.blogspot.com 

2/9/13: Promo Feature – http://victoriadanann.me 

2/10/13 Guest blog & Review – midtown underground – www.midtown-underground.com 

2/10/13 Review – Lissette E. Manning     – http://www.simplistik.org/lissetteemanning 

2/11/13 Guest blog – Paranormal book club – www.paranormal-book.com 

2/11/13 Review – Books, Books, and More Books – http://dream-reader-dreamer2229.blogspot.com/ 

2/12/13 Excerpt & Review – On the Broomstick – Http://onthebroomstick.blogspot.com/ 

2/12/13 Review – Dear, Restless Reader – http://dearrestlessreader.blogspot.com/ 

2/12/13 Review – Bookishly Devoted – http://www.bookishlydevoted.blogspot.com

Complete with a Giveaway too! 😉  Here’s what’s up for grabs…

… Along with an authographed set of Books 1 & 2 (Medusa, A Love Story and For the Love of Hades), and an Amazon Gift Card…

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating this release (my last for the next six months or so) and that you enjoy For the Loves of Hades!


Greek Mythology A to Z: C is for… CONTEST

Character inspiration…

I posted a lot of this on the Plotting Princesses Blog – but I decided to make it ‘interesting’…

Everyone who votes and leaves a comment will be enterred for a drawing of Medusa A Love Story, a button, and magnet too…

You do not have to vote for my top contenders, you just have to leave a suggestions. A name will be picked from all those that leave a comment and I’ll contact you to get your address.

So, take your time and think about this. This is what I’m looking for – ARES:

Imagine, if you will, a pretty mental dude. He lives for battle, death, violence, and blood. He’s a visceral reaction, a nightmare, an adrenaline jolt that leaves no doubt that he will kill, torture, and maim without the slightest hesitation or regret. And yet, I need to make him irrisistable to Aphrodite – without softening him one iota. Finding that person, visually, has been tricky.

He has to have crazy eyes. The kind that intrigue, terrify, and demand… So, there you have it. I know, he sounds awesome, right?

You can pick from my top two contender (below) or give me someone new to consider – just leave your answer in the comments! I’ll draw the winner on the morning of the 15th!

Here are my top contenders:

Michael Fassbender                                                                                                                                                                  Daniel Craig


Happy Book Birthday, Medusa, A Love Story!

Yep, it’s The Day! I’m thrilled, nauseous and totally freaking out.

Today is Medusa, A Love Story’s Official Release day – aka: Book Birthday!

This is MY first Book Birthday, too!

Which is… well, words cannot describe the way it feels.

I’m sharing a few review snippets…

Astrid (Amazon review) said: “I have been waiting for weeks for this book to come out and I was not disappointed. A tragic love story of great depth and heartbreak. How Ariston pours his heart out to Hades brought tears to my eyes. Perfect for anyone who loves mythology and reading of the power of love.”

“Medusa, A Love Story is a beautifully written story with characters who are stunningly alive and well crafted. A creative twist on mythology! If you’re into myth and/or romance you’ll be well pleased.” – Raven (Amazon review)

“The love between the hero and heroine is enviable. It’s what love stories are made for, really. It just tugged at me and kept me thinking about it long after I read the book.” Lynn Rush, author of Wasteland and Awaited.

“Sasha really had me feeling for Medusa’a plight. A really enjoyable read and I will definitely be reading more of her books.” Kay, Goodreads review

Beautifully and poetically written!” Jessi, Goodreads review

This is a beautiful love story, and the beginning of a fantastic series. Do yourself a favor and read it as soon as it’s available. Sasha is a very gifted storyteller and has a rich way with words.” Allison, Goodreads review

Want to buy a copy? I just happen to have the links for you 🙂 :



Amazon  Paperback

Barnes & Noble Paperback

All Romance ebooks

You can follow the fun on Twitter: #MedusasBookBirthday

In case you missed it – here’s the book trailer 🙂

When I hit 2000 followers, I will be giving away a signed copy of Medusa, too – a bookmark and some other promo items. Why? Why not? It’s a BIG DAY for ME and Medusa, A Love Story.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my first novel. I loved writing it and, all nerves aside, I’m proud to share it with you!

If you find yourself enjoying my take on Ancient Greece and the Olympians, Hades is up next… He’s a pretty dreamy anti-hero. I’ll let you know when his birthday is on the horizon!


***I’d also like to ask a favor from you readers.***

A book needs reviews, so do authors. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and Shelfari are all wonderful places to post a review. Your reviews help spread the word about books, builds interest, and impacts an authors reputation. Think about it and, if you’re up for it, write and share a review on one, or all, of these sites. Not just for Medusa (that would be awesome) but for other books you’ve loved or want to recommend.

Thank You!