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A CA Cowboy to Call Daddy (The Boones of Texas) by [Summers, Sasha]owboy To Call Daddy

Boones of Texas, Book 4

Archer Boone’s whole life revolves around his work at his family’s ranch and horse refuge. Animals are just so much less complicated than people. But he needs to get the refuge’s financial paperwork in order so he can secure his funding. When Eden Caraway arrives to work on his books, Archer can’t afford to be distracted by the beautiful single mom and her two adorable daughters.

Eden Caraway is really Eden Monroe, and she is determined to earn her father’s respect. So if he wants to pull funding from Archer Boone’s horse refuge, she’ll make it happen. But Eden is falling for Archer, and she dreams of staying at Boone Ranch. How can she reveal her real reason for being there and risk losing her heart?

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ChristChristmas in His Bed (Harlequin Blaze) by [Summers, Sasha]mas In His Bed

Newly divorced and back in her hometown, Tatum Buchanan is trying to move on with her life. But she’s shocked to discover her ex-husband has rented out her childhood home to her high school sweetheart! And the last thing she expects to see is grown-up Spencer Ryan’s cut, hard body. Apparently Tatum’s libido doesn’t c
are that Spencer shattered her heart eight years ago…

With the holidays looming and Spencer’s presence in her house driving her wild, Tatum strikes a bargain with him—twelve days of no-strings sex. Just so she can get him out of her system. But when the twelve red-hot days of Christmas are over, Tatum isn’t sure she can say goodbye to Spencer on December 25!

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CouCourted by the Cowboy (The Boones of Texas) by [Summers, Sasha]rted by The Cowboy

Boones of Texas, Book 3

Kylee James is giving hope one more chance, this time in Stonewall Crossing, Texas. Hope wasn’t supposed to come in the form of a hunky cowboy—local veterinarian Fisher Boone. But a good man like Fisher deserves a life without Kylee’s baggage, so letting him go is the best way she can love him.

Fisher wants to help Kylee find a fresh start and happiness, especially if she found it with him. But Kylee seems intent on pushing him away. When her painful past resurfaces, will Kylee finally open her heart to Fisher, or will she run from the one man who’d do anything to protect her?

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 Seseducingducing the Best Man


Some guys look like trouble from the start. From where Cady Egerton is sitting, Patton Ryan is just the right kind of trouble. She doesn’t want a gentleman—she wants him. A man meant for hot, passionate sex. Yep, Patton is just the guy to give her one heck of a night to remember…

Cady did not expect her delectable one-night hookup to show up at her best friend’s engagement party—or that he’d be the best man. Now all they have in common is a serious case of lust and a desire to break up their friends’ whirlwind wedding. But every minute they don’t spend plotting together is bound to be nothing but pure, naked trouble.

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Twitwinsns for the Rebel Cowboy

Boones of Texas, Book 2

For one crazy night, Annabeth Upton lets loose to forget her worries: Grandma Flo’s medical bills, little Cody’s stutter, the challenges of being a school principal and a single mom. Then Ryder Boone steps in to protect her from a rowdy bar patron…and in a hot half hour they create the biggest worry of all. Two of them, actually!

Ryder was always the rebel of the Boone family, but he does the right thing and proposes. Annabeth says yes—but thinks the marriage is temporary, meant to save her from scandal. The last thing she wants is to force Ryder into a loveless marriage forever, so she gives him an opt-out clause. The only problem is that as they grow even closer, she doesn’t want him to leave!

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A CowsmallACowboysChristmasReunionboy’s Christmas Reunion

Boones of Texas, Book 1

Way back when, Hunter Boone thought he and Josie Stephens had something that would last forever. Then she got her ticket out of town and took off—alone. The hurt nearly tore him apart. By the time Josie realized she’d made a mistake, Hunter had already married.

Now Josie’s back in Stonewall Crossing, and while instant fire flares between them, she can’t come between the now single dad and his son. As the whole town gets ready for Christmas, Josie finds it hard to avoid Hunter. No matter how much he tempts her with the promise of a future together, she has to tell herself—for her own survival—that relationships just aren’t her thing…

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Hollywood Ever After

Red Carpet Series, Book One

Happy Endings are for fairy tales. Or the movies. Not for real life. At least, not in Claire’s life. Even though she’s starting over, she knows better than to want too much this time. But when she falls, literally, into the strong arms of Hollywood’s ‘it’ boy Josh Wiley, Claire’s in for some surprises. Her plans for rest and relaxation are forgotten as one incredible night with Josh becomes two… And her heart begins to want him as much as her body. Will two kids, one bastard ex-husband, and Josh’s juggernaut career mean the end of their affair? Or can Claire find her happy ending after all?

Hollywood Ever After – Book Trailer

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hhsmallHollywood Holiday

Red Carpet Series, Book 2

Jen’s only Christmas wish: Hollywood falling back in love with her. Meeting ex-Marine Gunner was a bonus. She likes that he isn’t impressed by celebrities or the movie biz. She likes that he’s funny and sweet … and drop-dead gorgeous. And she loves that he has no idea who her alter-ego is: Jen Fleming, Hollywood bad-girl and paparazzi target number one. Why ruin an amazing affair when he’s leaving after the new year? But the closer they get, the harder she falls, and the more she wants to tell Gunner everything. Especially once he shares his secret with her. Her new Christmas wish: Gunner accepts and loves her for who she really is.

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Hollywood Homecoming

Red Carpet Series, Book 3

Why did that word rank above the rest? Helen loved her family and understood they wanted her to have the real love they’d all found. It’s just that she’d found her someone special and learned to live without him. She’d been too young for the quirky, idealistic doctor-off to save the world-to notice. And, really, if she had it her way, he’d never know how she’d felt. Now, he was one of her best friends, a pen pal, losing him would be too much. Seeing him at their parents wedding, Helen realizes the horrible truth: she still loves Joseph… which wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t in the situation she was in.  But she was. And her secret will change everything.  Will it destroy hope for a Hollywood happy ending too?

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14 thoughts on “Contemporary Romance

  1. I’m so glad you found me! 🙂 I LOVE mythology – as you can probably tell from my upcoming books 🙂
    Medusa and Persephone are the first two… BUT I have three more in the works. Hopefully you’ll love them all! I can’t wait to share them!

  2. When do you expect to publish your Persephone novel? By the way, I just finished Medusa and it was wonderful! I love stories from the perspective of one commonly thought to be the villain.

  3. Hi KK! For the Love of Hades won’t be out until January. Sorry for the wait – but it will be worth it :)!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed Medusa! If you feel up for it, please review Medusa on Amazon or Goodreads – it really helps spread the word about the book.
    If you’d like, send me your address – I’ll send you some Medusa pretties (bookmark, postcard, magnet, etc!)
    Again, I’m so very glad you enjoyed Medusa, A Love Story!

  4. Medusa is on my TBR list… I love the premise. Plus, I’m excited to see you are doing Aries, Aphrodite and Poseidon. Three more of my favorie Olympians. 🙂

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  6. Hello sasha

    that book so amazing, I really love to read it. Got a news that if it will be published in Spanish?
    Please I would love to know!

  7. Hi! I adore ‘for the love of Hades’! I’ve been a history buff since being a little kid, and it’s always been my favourite myth, that of Hades and Persephone. I’m from across the pond, so it can be a bit harder to find authors who aren’t the same old names – thank God for the internet! I’m eagerly awaiting your forthcoming books, and if they’re anything like your published ones, then they’ll be great 🙂
    S xxx

  8. Hi Sasha,

    I have read both ‘Medusa: A Love Story’ and ‘For the Love of Hades’ and am completely in love with both books! You bring such depth to the characters and I couldn’t put either book down no matter what once I started.

    Just a very humble wish and suggestion; will you ever consider writing about Cupid and Psyche or Eurydice and Orpheus? Those are some of my favorite romantic myths and I can’t think of anyone else that could come up with a better story than you! Either way, very much looking forward to the next book!

  9. Thank you Cassie! It means a great deal to hear such lovely things about Medusa and Hades. I’m wokring on Apollo now but, since there are so many wonderful myths, I will definitely look at the myths you’ve suggested!

  10. Hi Sasha!

    Just wondering when your next book in the “Loves of Olympus” series will be published? I can’t wait!

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