An Olympus Love… Summer Lovin’ Blog Hop Stop

Today is MY day… And guess what I’m going to be talking about?


What else?

Love in ancient times… in Greece… And Mythology too!

I know! You are SHOCKED. Blown away, even, right? ;)

Okay, okay, you knew it was coming. And I know that my obsession with all things Greek Mythology doesn’t make me unique. So many readers LOVE to read about characters from or based on those that fill Edith Hamilton’s Greek Mythology (didn’t we all have to buy this book at one time or another for school?). Writer’s too. I love how many variations, tweaks, loopholes, and complete surprises aome authors have managed to master – creating a new, rich, yet familiar experience.

Weaving romance into these tales – a no brainer. I happen to favor tragic spins, but that’s just me. However, there have been some highly satisfying happily ever after reads too! And THAT’s what I hope you’ll leave in the comments – your favorite Myth related books. You know books you want to share (or should AVOID!) so we can all increase out TBR list for the summer. :) So, thanks for that! I will pick one random commenter for a signed copy of For the Love of Hades, to sweeten the deal!

And, since I’m a rabid movie fan, I have to say that READERS aren’t alone.  I’m going to take this time to share the new movie trailer for 300:Rise of an Empire….

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I’m so torn! I LOVED the 300! Seriously – I used a majority of the soundtrack to write Medusa, A Love Story. But will this be the kind-of sequel to honor the 300 in all it’s manly cheesiness? I’m not sold. And what about the romance people? Without Leonidas and Gorgo, will we have the foundation that made the half-naked battles less about half-naked hot guys and more about preserving home and hearth? And what’s with Eva Green…

In other upcoming flicks that I can’t ignore but haven’t decided I’m having Olympic Love for – The Rock (LOVE YOU!) will be Hercules next year. :)

Back to the prior-film rant. Here are the other participants – drop by!

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I can’t wait to hear your Myth-fave books (or movie) recommendations! For all you Dad’s out there – Happy Father’s Day!








12 thoughts on “An Olympus Love… Summer Lovin’ Blog Hop Stop

  1. Yes, we had to read Edith Hamilton in high school, and although the gods were interesting, they weren’t as *real* as you make them, Sasha! I love your take on Olympus, and the gods.

    I loved the recent Clash of the Titans remake in the movies, too. Perseus seemed like a real person. One overlooked book is the Fall of Atlantis by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Her Avalon series is much better, but she brings a human touch to the Greeks and Atlantis before the fall as well.

    Happy Summer Lovin’ Hop!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing!! I have definitely found myself some new authors to check out and I sincerely mean that in a not so creepy stalker sort of way!!

    As far as Mythology goes I have always been intrigued and love any book that relates to it. I actually took a semester course in college on Greek Mythology and LOVED it!!!

    Happy writing and once again thank you sharing!!

  3. I haven’t seen the remake of Clash of the Titans but I loved the original. I read the book version and got hooked on mythology. I read a lot of the Greek myths in various collections. And I love the King Arthur mythology as well!

  4. Enjoyed Clash of the Titans remake. Probably one of the first books I read was The Odyssey.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  5. Of course I love YOUR books. ;) I’m also a HUGE Xena fan, like incredibly nerdy huge. But I also loved the book Firebrand by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

    Great stuff, Sasha!

  6. Your novel, Medusa, A Love Story was the last myth based novel I read and I am looking forward to reading For the Love of Hades next. Other than that, I’m out of the loop. I guess I spend too much time hiding in my cave.

  7. I have always been a fan of mythology. That was my category contest in high school Latin Club competition. Yes, we read Edith Hamilton.

    I’m buying all your books, Sasha. You are a terrific writer.

    Friends, if you have not yet read “Galileo’s Holiday,” by Sasha, get that one. It’s not about mythology, but it is absolutely awesome.

    P.S. I know we should italicize book titles, but when I hit control plus “i” it didn’t work. Old English teachers never die, they just complain about the gosh-darned new-fangled technology.

  8. I love learning about different mythologies. I have had a grand time in the romance genres because the writers just use the myths as an outline and have a fun time making them their own. I really like the Greek, Norse, and Celtic myths.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  9. Never understood mythology until I started reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books. I found some of it still confusing mostly because I couldn’t keep Roman and Greek deity straight and then when you get into the Norse and Celtic…

    But then the more I started researching the more I found how many cultures are intertwined. Kind of fascinating!

  10. Hi! I love Sherrilyn Kenyons book. Her characters are so fun! They almost seem real! And i love the newest clash of the titans and percy jackson! There so good! Her books are fantastic! Thanks for being apart of this great hop!

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