What’s Love Got to Do With It? Valentine’s Day *Blog Hop*

Hmmm…. What’s Love Got to do with IT?

Well, to me, love has everything to do with… well, everything.

Yes, yes, I write romance. So it’s probably no surprise that I see things that way. But really, it’s true. Think about it. Beyond the fundamental need to survive, what drives a person? LOVE!

I will admit – I love LOVE. I mean it. I know people roll their eyes or smile that snarky smile when I proudly say I write romance… and I’m not sure why?

I mean, who doesn’t want love in their life? Really? I know of no one. I’d be sad for them – honestly.

So how could there be anything, I mean ANYTHING, better than writing romance? Um, I don’t think there is… Well, maybe reading romance. :)

I’m going to post two of my all time favorite romantic quotes. (No, they are not mine.) You don’t have to know which book their from or who wrote it – I just wanted to share. Here we go…


     He looked down for some reason, down at her hands, which were resting atop the book in her lap, and then at the sofa, covered in pale green stripe. He and Olivia were not exactly next to each otther; there was room still for an antire person between them. But they were on the same peice of furniture, and if he reached out his hand, and if she reached out her hand…

     His breath caught.

     Because she’d reached out her hand.


Isn’t that lovely? You are there, in his head. I love the feel and tone. The next one’s a bit more… intense. :)


“I knew that, and I didna hesitate for one second to go into that place after you, even thinking that Dougal might be right! Do ye know where I got the gun I used?” I shook my head numbly, my own anger beginning to fade. “I killed a guard near the wall. He fired at me; that’s why it was empty. He missed and I killed him wi’ my dirk; left it sticking in his wishbone when I heard you cry out. I would have killed a dozen men to get to you, Claire.” His voice cracked.

     “And when ye screamed, I went to you, armed wi’ nothing but an empty gun and my two hands.”


Holy Cow, RIGHT?  I cannot tell you how much that passage gets to me. It’s the kind of passion I try to get close to when I write… *SIGH*

Okay, both of these are examples of romantic love, but the greatest thing about love is that it comes in all shapes and sizes.

Whether it’s the sweet kiss your baby gives you, without you asking, for the first time; the security in knowing you’re taken care of; the way a song can transport you back to the first time and place you heard it; the comforting beat of your lovers heart beneath your cheek; or the strength of an embrace that holds you up while you cry yourself out: Love is mighty!

Love can buoy you up when all hope is lost. It can break your spirit when it’s gone.

I write about love because it’s a magical, powerful thing that we all need – whether we want to admit it or not.

Ironically, I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I like to think love is a daily thing versus a one day a year kind of thing. But I get that some people need reminding now and then. So – enjoy your day of love. Make sure the ones in your heart KNOW how much they mean to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



5 thoughts on “What’s Love Got to Do With It? Valentine’s Day *Blog Hop*

  1. Loved the passages you posted Sasha!!! I agree with you that if there is anyone that can say they have no love at all, well it is a sad thing!! At this time I don’t have a male love in my life, however I do have love in my life!
    Happy reading and writing*

  2. I know I’m a little late jumping on these fun blog posts, but I’m trying to catch up on all the posts in the hop. I love your quotes, they got to me. That little warm rush you get that makes you feel like you can get lost in a book. Also I too believe love is a year long thing. My husband and I don’t fall into the whole V-day thing. He brings me flowers all year long at random times and those mean more to me than one specific day!

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